Hope For The Future: Meredith Newman

Meredith Newman is a reporter with USA Today and The News Journal (Delaware). I was fortunate enough to meet her many years ago through a mutual reporter friend, Maddy Goss, at a lovely ladies lunch in Milford, Delaware. I was immediately fond of this spirited woman with big dreams, strong passions, and a deep hope... Continue Reading →

Meet Andrew Sharp

Andrew Sharp is a journalist living in Delaware. He previously launched Delaware Independent, an online local source for news. It ultimately closed in 2022. Since then, he has written for numerous publications and is involved with the Delaware Journalism Collaborative, a partnership of local news and community organizations working together to examine the issue of... Continue Reading →


I wanted to create something for journalists - something we all can enjoy. And, something that can serve as a history of sorts by talking to all the amazing journalists working today.

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