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Recently, I was talking to my husband about how journalism – specifically the opinion of journalism – has changed over the years. Today, it seems all media is considered “liberal” and anyone who is a journalist but be a raving “liberal.”

And, all journalists certainly put their own opinions on the pages – right?

As my husband says, “Wrong.”

Most journalists are out there working every day to tell the stories of their communities. These are not mud-slingers. They are not politically motivated. They are just doing a job and that job aims to keep the public in the know. It’s a simple job really. But, it is an incredibly important job.

Journalists were born to be watchdogs. By that I mean journalism must exist in order for those in power to be kept in check. However, not only for that purpose. Any time there are changes going on – new developments, new policies or laws, road work coming, new businesses applying for variances – that’s when journalists are there. And, they need to be there. What would happen if there were no journalists to report?

They aren’t there to tell you how to vote (although helping educate on politicians is also important), they are there to provide information and let you make your own decisions as to how you feel.

It’s not an easy job. It’s a job that requires a passion in order to keep going. Most days, it requires a thick skin. However, it is incredibly rewarding when you know you are educating people in your community. That’s why we remain – even though our names are often dragged through the mud.

For all you journalists out there – keep on keeping on.


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