“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” While this may be a famous quote, I first read it on the front page of the Cape Gazette, a twice weekly, locally owned, community newspaper where I cut my teeth as a young journalist. I was extremely impressed by the dedication of this small staff in southern Delaware. They lived and breathed to tell the stories – good and bad – of the region. And, I was equally impressed that they put their passion right out there for everyone to see – emblazoning this slogan across the front page.

Faces of the Newsroom is a new venture for me. The idea came to me in 2017 as I was driving home listening to yet another person on the radio lamenting the ‘liberal’ media. I then dragged my husband – a journalist – into it over craft beers that night.

I wanted to create something for journalists – something we all can enjoy. And, something that can serve as a history of sorts by talking to all the amazing journalists working today. I hope to also interview retired journalists who gave the majority of their lives to the craft.

What makes journalists tick? Are we really all liberal?

What are the stories you love? What stories do we hate?

What mentors do you have in journalism? Why did we get into this career anyway?

And, how the heck do you overcome writer’s block?

These questions and more will be addressed over the coming months and years as I strive to interview a broad variety of journalists across the nation.

If you have a great journalist to recommend, please email me at facesofthenewsroom@gmail.com.

I hope you subscribe and pay the $2. Your subscription fee helps me pay for gas and writing time. And, it ensures that this noble pursuit will continue!

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